These past few weeks have had more than the normal allotment of hard days. Not days where anything particularly bad has happened, but days where my heart has been heavy.

People we know are making hard decisions
Fear is pulling at me, dragging me into backwards spiral
A loved one is struggling with a heavy burden
Sin is showing its ugliness in my soul
Friendships seem strained by all the outside pressures pushing on each of our hearts

I’ve allowed myself to crawl into the dark places before when confronted by these things. And my first instinct is to run for those familiar covers at first sign of heaviness on my heart.


But looking back at the last few weeks, with surprise I realize I haven’t been in those dark and dirty places much, despite my many heavy hearted moments. Instead, the Spirit is forming a new habit in my heart…run to Him, to His Word.

And each time, He picks me up, washes off the dirt and mud, and gently lifts the burden from my heart. Oh, maybe the pain felt for others is still there or the consciousness of my own downfalls lingers. But the burden, the weighed down, too-heavy-to-bear pain and shame and confusion is lifted.


He takes my burdens and renews my heart in Him. He removes the lies that are stealing my joy by washing me in the light of His truth. And leaves me looking back and marveling at the freeing power of Truth.

Sisters, do you need a heavy burden lifted? The Light of the World is Truth. Run to Him, for He will wash your heart in the light of His truth. He is the lifter of burdens. Allow Him to lift yours. And pray with me that we will learn to run to Him faster and stronger and sooner for the washing of truth our souls so desperately need.


Sisters, what lies has the Light of the World washed from your heart to lift your heavy burdens?

Be blessed

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