If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that I’ve been tired lately. My normal wake up time is slowly being pushed back and back and back.

If you are a mama, I’d say that I respect all you do so much. I’m thankful for these days where I can just sleep in a little more and am still able get up and shower and have some peace and quiet in order to spend time with Jesus. I know you can’t do that.


But, I’m thankful for this tired time.
Because when I am tired,
tired in my body
tired in my heart
tired in my mind
tired in my soul…
I quickly realize that there is only one place to turn.
Although it often takes me a little while to realize, eventually I turn to Jesus, and He fills me.
And its so beautiful, this tiredness, because it makes me see how much I need Him. And when I run to Him, I see how big He is to fill my great need and more.


So mama, daughter, sister, friend…whoever you, wherever you are.
Whatever the tiredness is that is dragging at you, however many precious babies are clinging to you, do whatever it takes to make that time with Jesus.
He will fill you.
He will restore you.
He will heal your heart.


And this week, I’ve had to relearn how to come to Him.
I can’t come to just check off an item on my to-do list.
I can’t come to Him just to pray for other people.
I can’t come to Him demanding He fill me.
I have to come to Him for Him, not for me. I have to come to Him because I love Him and I want Him in my life, knowing that He wants me more than I could ever want Him.


I have to come ready to be still before Him.
Ready to humbly confess my sin and my need.
Ready to have my heart and mind and actions changed.
Ready to listen and not speak.
Ready to be loved even when I don’t deserve it.
Ready to stand on the promises of His word.
Ready to live in faith, because I’ve seen Him come through in the past.
Ready to do His will, not mine.


How many more times will I need to re-learn this? I don’t know.
I wish I had remembered all this on Monday or Tuesday…instead of Thursday and Friday.
I pray that He reminds me daily, hourly.
I need it.


I’m still a little tired physically.
But my mind is renewed.
My heart is full of peace.
And my soul has a supernatural energy desiring to pour out the love and grace I’ve felt in my own soul.


Sister, how can I be praying for you? What has God been teaching you this week? If we were having coffee, what would you share about your week?

Be blessed

{Photos were taken and edited by myself during this past “tired” week and have been previously shared on my Instagram, @alesha_blessed}