This post is part of my 31 Day blog series Work Hard + Rest Well: Learning Obedience in the Rhythms of Work and Rest. Every Saturday, I will focus on an aspect of work or rest that will prepare our hearts for church tomorrow morning.}
“Setting aside time for rest and refreshment and worship in Jesus takes work…hard work.”
Day 4

I think one of the greatest lies about rest is that it is easy.


Rest doesn’t just happen.
Rest doesn’t fall in your lap.
Rest doesn’t come easily.

And if we buy into the lie that rest is easy, we will end up stressed and jaded. Because the rest that comes easily often isn’t true rest.

Just like our bodies crave dessert but need a full meal, our hearts need rest that does not come easily or naturally.

It takes hard work to get to church on time on Sunday morning, but it is worth the work.
It takes hard work to carve out time in God’s Word and prayer and meditation, but it brings rest that is worth the work.
It takes hard work to still our anxious hearts to rest in His sovereignty, but it results in peace that is worth the work.
Because our souls were made to crave rest in God.

And you can feed your soul beach vacations and tv shows and glasses of wine at bedtime and relaxing spa days till you’ve worn out your bank account, but none of those will truly satisfy. Those things can bring relaxation, but they cannot bring rest.

Those things can be good and those things can be relaxing, but they can not bring rest to your soul. And these relaxations cannot be fully enjoyed until you have first rested your soul in Jesus. A dry and thirsty soul does not need relaxation. A thirsty soul needs rest.

And rest is found in Jesus. Only Jesus.

So this weekend, recognize what your soul is truly thirsty for and come to gather as the Bride of Christ. Come ready to be filled. Come thirsty and expectant.

Come ready to rest in Jesus.
Work hard to get to church. Work hard to get to your rest.

Be blessed

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