Two weeks ago we celebrated four years of marriage.Four years together as one.
Four years of love and joy and tears and hopes and struggles and new adventures and deep familiarity being born.

A couple from our church generously allowed us to stay in their luxury, oceanside condo for two nights to celebrate, and I was so excited. But it took me awhile to get there…


I am a doer…a planner.
I don’t want to waste time and opportunities.

I knew that this trip was an incredible opportunity for us to get away together…and I didn’t want to waste it.

So I stressed about what we would do, how we would enjoy it, where we would go, what we would see, and on and on.
Until it hit me, somewhere in the two weeks leading up to our mini-vacation…




We didn’t need to go and do and see and experience to make this trip perfect, to make it worth it. We needed to simply be.

Life right now is busy…crazy busy and often emotionally hard, not to mention the whole range feelings that come with preparing for a baby. So although I thought I wanted to sightsee and eat out and do a fun day trip and plan an awesome activity, I somehow realized that what we really needed was space to simply be together and rest.

We needed space to rest physically and emotionally.
We needed space to spiritually refresh.
We needed space to focus on each other.
We needed space to do nothing.
We needed space to rest from our work and our busy.

And every time someone asked what our plans were for our anniversary trip, I felt a little silly saying that we were just going to do nothing for two days.

But there is nothing silly about taking the time let your soul breathe.



I fought to ignore the lie that we needed to do in order to make memories and I reminded myself that it is good to take the time to simply be.

So I planned and prepped delicious meals that would make our trip special without taking a lot of work, and we each packed our swim suits and a couple of books and that was it. We spent the days reading, talking, napping, taking slow walks, talking long and deep, eating too much dessert, and watching tv together…and we didn’t even use our bathing suits.

And it was wonderful.

Maybe you’re like me…a doer.
Maybe you’re afraid of wasting time and opportunities.
Maybe you’re working yourself up trying to do something to relax, when really just need to do…nothing.

And different seasons of life require different things, but maybe, like me, you need to let go of doing in order to rest for an hour or a day or two days or a week.

Give yourself the permission and give your soul the space to simply be. You will not regret it.

Be blessed

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