This Sunday was halfway…to a year.A full six months of Sundays all lined up straight and steady through the weeks.


It’s funny how God works…
You spend all these thoughts and prayers and energy and hours and work of getting ready go…to follow His call.
In our case, helping plant a church.
Then we went…


Then the thoughts and prayers and energy and hours and work start shifting toward a goal…start a Sunday morning service.
So January 6th, the first Sunday in 2013, Redemption Church opened it’s doors for it’s first 10 am service.
There was so much energy and love and life and prayer poured into that first Sunday…and then we closed the church doors behind ourselves at 12:30 with the van loaded full of guitars and toys and bibles and filled out contact cards and I said, “We get to do it all again next week.”


…and the next
…and the next
…and the next.

And then we started to prep for Easter.
Two services
Easter egg hunt
Massive amounts of invites handed out
The thoughts and prayers and energy and hours and work adding up again.


And then Easter was over….
“We get to do it all again next year…”

…and the next
…and the next
…and the next.


And now we’re halfway to a year of Sundays.
Six months of pouring out each week and being filled at the same time.
Six months of our hearts being ripped open in hurt for the broken community around us.
Six months of weekly celebrations at the little things that are really big things in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Six months of learning to repeat without becoming stale or redundant or monotonous.
Now…six more months to a year!


But really, what does a year mean?
We’re not stopping till Jesus comes back or tells us to do something else.
And each time we crest some mountain there is another on straight ahead if only we’re willing to keep on walking.


So halfway to a year? Praise the Lord and let’s keep it up till we’re halfway to forever…and then we’ll keep praising Him and begging His help and running toward the next mountain, because it’s only by His grace and for His glory anyways. And that’s the most beautiful purpose to run for.

Be blessed

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