I never knew that there were places in the world where thunder and lightening are common occurrences. Just another reason I know I’ve found the place that fits me perfectly. Nothing compares to the awe and wonder that a flash of lightening instills in me…except maybe the ocean.
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I never knew that real people with normal jobs could live walking distance from the ocean. I love it. I’ve literally pinched myself. Over and over, I thank God and ask Him please not to call us to move inland. I love being near the ocean.

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I never knew that I could be so selfish. My husband loves me in the most sacrificial ways on a daily basis. It’s humbling and pulls me closer to Jesus because I know I can’t love him back that way without help.

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I never knew how bad I am doing multiple things at a time. You would think I’d have figured it out the first day of trying to watch free tv on Hulu and get work done at the same time. Months later, I’m still trying. It has to stop…you can hold me accountable.

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I never knew that it’s possible to serve and be served at the same time. That in pouring out I am filled up. That in giving out I can leave with more than I ever gave.

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I never knew that I never knew a lot of things. And there are more…many more. And someday I’ll probably look back and say that I still didn’t know how selfish I was or how much I can be filled up while pouring out.

Right now I’m rejoicing in the learning, the discovery, and the joys and the hurts and the blessings of conviction and growth. It is a beautifully painful glory. And it’s all His glory.

What did you never know until now…that you maybe still don’t know?

Be blessed

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