Do you ever have one of those days that just goes right? You know, that day when you get all the chores done, the house is clean, dinner is made, devotions were done (at least technically), you hormones/emotions are neatly in check, and you’re not falling asleep before the last bite of dinner is even in your mouth.
Not often?
Ya. Me neither.
{And I’m not working full time and don’t have kids yet…}

However, its amazing to me that when one of those rare days happens to come along, I am immediately happy, joyful, and {dare I say it} proud. I think…

“I’m finally getting this thing figured out!”

“Wow, I’m so on top of it!”

“Goodness, this whole ‘wife and homemaker thing’ isn’t so hard!”

Oh Lord, be gracious to me!

My heart so quickly slips into pride and self-sufficiency.

This was my day a week ago Wednesday. After a week of wretched emotions and constant “failure”, I couldn’t be more proud of myself.

But God intervened.

On the day when I thought I finally had it all together again…

On the day when my tears were finally hidden away and I could hold up my head….

On the day when I did alright for the frist time in awhile…

On that day…
God stepped in.

He whispered, “Daughter, today might have gone well, but you still are doing it in your own strength. Just because today went well, doesn’t mean you don’t need Me.”

Oh those words! Oh the truth they contained!

I hadn’t even realized it until that moment, but it was true. I was doing it in my own strength. But even though I had “succeeded” for the day, didn’t mean that it was good.

In that moment, I knew. My strength failed. Even if it looked alright on the outside…I had failed to rest in God’s strength and I had failed to bring Him glory.

God often speaks to me plainly when I am am taking back control. And often, He speaks when I am worshiping in song, like I was that night. And often, He only speaks a few words. But often, that is all He needs to say. His voice is enough to cut through all the noise.

Lord, keep me reliant on Your strength. Even if it means the hard days keep coming. Even if it means I have to fail daily. I want You to be my source, my strength, and my purpose. And I want You to receive the glory. Forgive me for trying to take it.

Be blessed,
Alesha <3

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