“Knowing You, Jesus, there is no greater thing”

I’ve been looking through my life and noticing all the little things that I make more important than Jesus Himself.


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And the cruelest realization comes when I remember that all these things are good gifts from God meant to bless me…meant to be used to make much of Him.

Yet, I’ve taken these gifts and blessings and callings and ministries and made them the main point. I’ve taken the means and made it the goal.

All these things…

That list just above…

All these things are the means to knowing and loving Jesus more. They are a means to making Jesus known and glorified. They are a means to hearing His voice and seeing His face. They are the means to a goal, and that goal is to know and love and glorify Him.

So often I’ve taken the means and made it the goal.

And the means are meaningless if not done in pursuit of a goal. The means are meaningless if I try to make them the goal itself. All these lovely and beautiful and generous gifts from God will become tainted and pointless and unfulfilling if I try to make them more than they are…

The stuff of my life is a wonderful gift from a God who is seeking to meet me within the ordinary stuff of my life. He will meet me in my day to day, in my roles and responsibilities, revealing Himself to me and teaching me how to use those things to bring Him glory.

But I drift into the meaningless cycle of putting the means in place of the goal so quickly.

I forget that God didn’t save me to use me; I forget that He saved me because He knew me and loved me and wanted me to know and love Him.

And the only way I’ve found to keep the goal of knowing Jesus the main thing, is to remember this…

My calling and serving and living and doing are gifts; they aren’t the meaning or purpose of my life, they are the gifts of my life.

And a gift aways points back to a Giver. That is the point. He is the point. The Giver Himself is the point.

In all I do, in all the roles and gifts and callings and responsibilities He has given me, I want to see Him and seek to bring Him glory. Because this life of a Christian is about knowing God.

Not doing for God.

Not living out God’s mission.

Not accomplishing greatness in God’s name.

It’s about knowing Him…

And if I truly know God, the rest will follow.

How do you remind yourself that being a christian is more about knowing God than serving Him? Do you struggle to make the doing for God more important than knowing God Himself?

Be blessed

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