Self-awareness isn’t easy.
Self-absorption is too easy.

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It’s easy to think about myself, my wants, my needs, my feelings, my moods. It’s easy to think about myself all of the time.

It’s hard to be aware of the state of my heart and my soul and my body and my mind. It’s hard to be self-aware all of the time.

Humility is not self-absorption, but humility does require self-awareness.

Because in order to be self-aware, we must understand ourselves fully…our strengths and our weaknesses.

We need to be aware of where our hearts are at.

We need to be aware of our desires and longings.

We need to be aware of how others successes and failures affect us.

We need to be aware of what our hearts are worshiping.

We need to be aware of how we respond to criticism.

We need to be aware of where our hope is placed.

We need to be aware of how we respond to personal weakness or failure.

We need to be aware of our natural weaknesses, our reoccurring temptations, and our lingering sins.

Self-awareness can keep us humble, because self-awareness keeps us aware of our weaknesses.

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So we work and try and focus hard to be aware and as we do we learn that being self-aware without becoming self-absorbed can be exhausting. But we have help.

We have the Spirit of God living and working in of us. As children of God, we have His Spirit teaching us, helping us, showing us our weaknesses and then empowering us with the strength of Christ to overcome those weaknesses.

Self-awareness is important, but unless it is aided by the Holy Spirit and drives us to our knees to seek the power of Jesus working in us, it will merely take us on a roundabout path back to pride.

Be blessed

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