There is a difference between being self-consumed and self-aware. Being self-consumed is unhealthy but being self-aware is healthy. Being self-consumed is prideful, but being self-aware can actually be a piece of humility…

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But like most things that are good and wise, being self-aware takes discipline and intention… And we can get overwhelmed and tired just thinking about being it.

So today I wanted to share with you Two Simple Ways to Become More Self-Aware

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1. Pray

There is no one who knows us better than our Creator.

It’s so easy to get lost and confused about who we really are. There is so much information about how to “find yourself” or “discover the real you”. But no one knows you better than the One Who made you. He knows the “real you” because He designed it. He gave you your personality and characteristics. He knows ever detail of you life and how those experiences shaped you into the person you are.

Pray that God would reveal yourself to you. Your flaws. Your strengths. Your struggles. Your talents.

He wants you to see what a wonderful creation you are, and He wants you to see the beautiful work He is doing in you. 

2. Be Quiet

Turn off the noise.
Turn off the music.
Turn off your phone.
Turn off your tv.
Turn off your scattered focus.

Turn off the distractions, and for a little while, listen to your thoughts.

Let me just say, this is painful. I don’t like quieting down my life and just listening to myself think. It gets a little crazy in my head and if I fill my life with noise and distractions, I can ignore the crazy.

But when I quiet down everything else in my life and listen to my thoughts, I learn things. I realize the real reasons I’m anxious and distracted. I discover my passions and my joys. I see the potential in my life and myself. I understand why I’m reacting the way I am and I begin to plan my responds instead of living reactively.

And most importantly, I find myself reaching out to God. I instinctively begin reaching out to Him in the quiet.

Self-awareness should bring us closer to God. Self-awareness reveals my weaknesses and my need for God, but it also reveals the talents and passions God has given to me to use for His glory.

So take some time today to become more self-aware through prayer and quiet listening.

Be blessed

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