The Lord has slowly been bringing about a change in my heart. For years, I was cynical about art and beauty. Yes, I know. I sound like a crazy person.But hear my logic…


I thought it was wrong that people used creation or create beauty to stir up emotions and to help them draw emotionally closer to God. And why spend crazy amounts of money making things look beautiful, when there are people starving and a national budget deficit larger than any of us can fathom.


Then, probably 5 or 6 years ago a guy name Gary Thomas came and spoke at our church. He had written a book (which I still need to read, btw) called Pure Pleasure. As he talked about this topic, pieces started to fall into place.


God have us beauty to enjoy
Beauty and pleasure are gifts
When we use pleasure in accordance with God’s Word, we can be using our pleasure as an act of worship to the Father.


I was blown away! Things started to shift in me. And over the past several years, my heart has slowly opened to the idea that it is important to enjoy and create beauty around us. But…

But it is only good and right and pure when we use it as a means to bring God glory.

My enjoying nature should bring me to a place of awe before God. When I create a quiet and beautiful space to spend time in God’s Word, praise should overflow to Him. My awe of art, should bring me to a place of worship before a God who created the artist in His image.


All this has been stirring in my heart once again. My desire for beauty and the push to glorify God and draw close to Him in it is becoming a passion.


So expect to see a lot more of the beauty that draws me close to my Savior here on my blog. Maybe just in pictures. Maybe mixed with words. If by sharing them, I can help you draw a bit closer to God, if even for a moment…praise the Lord. So sink back into the beauty of our creator with me.

Let it lead you to Him also.

Be blessed

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