Alphabet Week(s) 24-26: X, Y, & Z

Hello lovelies! We are done! Today is the LAST day. Wow…what am I going to do with my Saturday’s now?

First Word that Pops into My Head:
X – Xylophone…because that is the “x” word in every child’s alphabet book ever made…ever.
Y – Yummy…because I like food. Why else?
Z – Zipper…second only to Zebra in children’s alphabet books.

People I Know:
X – Ummm, nobody
Young Ho – Exchange student who lived with some family friends
Zac – Several!
Zerna – My (fake) grandma who is amazing and awesome and talent and I love her!

{Words for this series found here}
Xanthic – Apparently this is a shade of yellow…bright yellow!
Zucchini – Yes!


I have no idea what else…

Dictionary Word I didn’t Know:
{Words for this series found here}
Xanthippe – ill tempered woman
Yachty – relating to yachts
Zabernism – abuse of military authority; bullying

Zucchini bread
Zucchini Muffins
Zucchini Cake

This has been a fun (and sort of random) series. I’ve enjoyed doing it; I hope you have enjoyed reading it. Now, honestly, what should I do with Saturdays?

Be blessed.

Alphabet Week 23: WWW

Hello lovelies! Well, this is week twenty-two!! We will have a wonderful time today!

First Word that Pops into My Head:
Wicked…because I couldn’t think of any other adjectives that started with “w” when writing the intro sentence. Haha!

People I Know:
William – My dad and brother’s middle name
Whitney –  I know two sweet Whitney’s
Wileslie – A great guy at our church in Washington


Wide Mouth Jars
Wheat Fields
Winning – Who doesn’t?
Words – Haha! Obviously, or I wouldn’t be doing this series.

Dictionary Word I didn’t Know:
Waits – Musicians employed to play on ceremonial occasions

White Fish
Wheat Bread
Whipped Cream

Well, only 1 week left!!! I’m doing XY&Z together next week. I am wonderfully excited! =)

Be blessed.

Alphabet Week 21: VVV

Hello lovelies! This is week twenty-two!! And I’m Very excited even though this is Very late (well okay, a day late)!

First Word that Pops into My Head:
Very – ????

People I Know:
Victoria – Sweet youth group girl
Veronica – In youth group with me
Valerie – The former CC Oly Chuch secretary who was the sweetest
Vicki – Super sweet former youth leader
Virginia – Travis’ great aunt (I’m 90% sure that’s the relation…)

Viridian – Which, btw, is green…I guess.

Very – Saying it multiple times in a row =)
Victory – Ummm…I’m sorta competitive.
Vacation – Who doesn’t?
Vacuumed Carpet – Not actually doing it, but the result. =)

Dictionary Word I didn’t Know:
Vafrous – Sly, Cunning

Venison – Never had this
Veal – Or this…

Well, only 2 weeks left!!! I’m doing XY&Z together so you don’t have to read 3 more boring posts like last week. =)

Be blessed.

Alphabet Week 21: UUU

{My heart is hurt for the families in Connecticut who yesterday lost their children, siblings, grandchildren, nieces/nephews, and friends. By posting this, I am not trying to be insensitive to the tragedy going on. I am still processing this and will probably write more later. I will also be participating in the blogger day of silence on Tuesday to support this community in their time of tragedy.}
Hello lovelies! This week U have made it with me to week twenty-one! Wow! For awhile there, I thought this thing was just going to fizzle out somewhere in the middle. But no!

{Btw…did anyone notice that I missed last week? Oh wait…now you did…I’m not good with secrets.}

First Word that Pops into My Head:
Unicorn – Ummm…Idk. There just aren’t a lot of words that start with U…u know?

People I Know:
Uriah – You know. From the bible? Oh you don’t know him? Ya me neither…not in person anyways..

Ultramarine – Only one… =(

Umbrellas – There’s something just so singing in the rain-esque or little women-esque about holding an umbrella. Basically, they’re romantic. I love them.
Uncles – I have great uncles. Just sayin’
Universities – I just get excited and smart feeling when I’m on a university campus
Uber – Travis contributed that word. =)

Dictionary Word I didn’t Know:
Uberty – Fruitfulness; Abundant productiveness

Udo – A Japanese vegetable…and the only thing I had ever heard of before that I could find.

Hopefully we’ll more lUck with V next week! =)

Be blessed.

Alphabet Week 20: TTT

Hello lovelies! We made it To week Twenty!!!

First Word that Pops into My Head:
Tea – I like tea…especially in the evenings. You?

People I Know:
Travis – My husband and the BESTEST person in the whole wide world!
Tony – My dad goes by Tony (his name is Anthony) and we have good friend named Tony
Taylor – I know a few girls and boys with this name
Tannah – A little girl that I used to go to church with.
Trenton – One of Travis’ college friends
Tabbie/Tabby/Tabitha – Lots of these ladies that I love
Tad – A pastor at our church in Olympia
Ted – A firefighter who was a friend before he was a firefighter…Idk why I said it that way! haha!
Thomas – Another friend
Tons more… =)

Terra Cotta

Travis – Of coarse!
Talking – Yep. Sad but true!
Teens – I miss being a youth leader
Teaching – I love, love, love teaching!

Dictionary Word I didn’t Know:
Tabacosis – Tabaco poisoning

Teriyaki – Travis loves teriyaki, but I’m not a huge fan
Thai – Neither of us likes thai food
Tortillas – LOVE
Tamales – My great grandma used to make AMAZING tamales…but I was too young to appreciate them. =(
Tangerines – YUM!
Tarts, Tortes, and other yummy “t” desserts!

I hope this Tops off your day and week Terrifically!

Be blessed.

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