Maxi Skirt

Well once again I rushed into this project headlong and didn’t take “before” pictures.  So you will just have to imagine how this dress looked before it became a maxi skirt!

I have been wanting a maxi skirt for awhile, and I almost never wore this long dress.  Perfect combination! So I cut the bodice off, folded it over, sewed it up, and then belted it.  I love the result.  I may have to go make or buy another maxi skirt now!


What have you been refashioning lately?

Be blessed!

Sweet Sisterhood

Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I sure did; although Christmas day felt about as long as 2 days since we did so much!  I have a wonderful husband, family, and in laws.  Our day was blessed.
So yesterday, I had all three of my sisters over for  a crafting day.  After working from about 9 am til 3ish we decided that it was not long enough and we need to have more of these fun sister-bonding days!  Several tutorials and crafting idea posts are to come!  My sisters a super creative and I love working with them.

Let me briefly introduce you:

Alison is a junior in college and getting a buisness degree.  She is usually the most creative and the one who started me off on the blogging journey by introducing me to a blogging website – Sweet Verbena.  Between my sister and Katy from Sweet Verbena I was inspired to reawaken my love a crafting and launch into the blogging world!

Abigail is a junior in high school, a talented actress, and highly opinionated.  She loves to knit, sew, and craft and make some incredible projects.  She was also my picture taking buddy yesterday and has kindly allowed me to display all of her creations here on my blog!

Anna is a freshman in high school and is an incredible runner.  She is also super creative and anything that requires working with her hands she can do very well.  Most of my card making inspiration comes from her and I hope to feature several of her projects here as well!

More posts coming soon!  Have a blessed week in Jesus.

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