Three years ago I could never have dreamed…

…how beautiful life would be married to you.



…you would be an ordained pastor.

…how deep our friendship could go.

…what joy God can bring from our times of suffering together.

…how many of your little sayings and facial expressions I would pick up.



…what a blessing and comfort it is to have you pray over me.

…how we would be living in South Florida, less than a mile from the beach.



…how incredibly gentle you are with me.

…how incredibly hard you can push me, in all the best ways.

And three years ago I hoped…

…that I would still think waking up next to you is the best thing ever. And I do.


…that our communication would grow better and stronger. And it has.

…that we would be more in love in three years than on the day we said I do. And we are.

…that God would give us clarity as to our calling together. And He has.



…that you would continue to grow as a leader. And you have.

…that we’d still be able to be brutally, lovingly honest. And we are.

…that’d you’d be my very best friend still. And you still are.


Happy 3 year anniversary, Love.
I’m looking forward to many more.

Be blessed

Cookies and Broken Hearts
Beautiful Broken

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