I don’t remember who said it, but I do remember they talked about faith. And the conversations and the sermons and the words printed in black and white are weaving together in my head, but they’re speaking of preparation.
“Because people say that walking by faith doesn’t take a plan, but there is no way to live by faith without a plan.”


Because faith never just happens.
Because faith is never an accident.

We have to plan to live by faith and we have to know before it happens what we’re going to do or the step of faith won’t happen.

It’s not that I need to know all the answers or have considered all the scenarios.
It’s that I need to know without a shadow of a doubt what I believe and who I will follow.

I need to know that my purpose is to serve Jesus.
I need to know that no matter what, He is good.
I need to know that good sometimes isn’t best.
I need to know that loving people is more important than everything but loving Jesus.
I need to know what I believe and I need to know what is most important and I need to know how the priorities of life stack up and I need to know why these things are most important so that when the moment comes to take a step of faith I will know why I will make my decision.

Because if I plan for nothing, then no steps of faith will ever happen.
And it’s been rightly said, “If you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”

And walking by faith isn’t aimlessly waiting till the feeling hits, because faith isn’t felt. Faith is decided and acted upon and most of the faith moments I’ve lived I haven’t felt much except questions and fear.

Because faith isn’t a magical moment of inspiration and courage, but rather a purposeful moment of acting on what you know is right and true no matter what you feel.

So plan.
Know what and why and how to live what you truly believe.
Decide what is most important and know exactly why and think through the tough decisions that will entail if you decide to truly live out what you say you believe, because saying isn’t the same thing as doing. Because saying was never faith.

Faith takes a plan.
You have to plan to have faith before the faith moment comes.

Be blessed

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