“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father.”Matthew 10:29


I throw up dozens of hurried, little prayers every day.

“Help me get all these things done.”
“Give me strength to get through this tutoring appointment.”
“Help me to not say something I’ll regret.”
“Show me how to help this student.”
“Help me not be stressed right now.”
“Give me words to encourage this friend.”
“Help me make it to this event on time.”
“Give my husband peace of mind and a good night of sleep.”

In moments of haste and anxiety and frustration, the prayers fly quickly and desperately from my lips.




Just a few weeks ago, He nudged my heart and pointed out the number of prayers I pray and then forget. Because if I am to bring Him glory in everything, then when He answers even the simplest prayer, why don’t I take the time to thank Him for that? And I suddenly saw the frailty of my faith.

When He gives me the strength in a difficult tutoring appointment…
When He helps me sleep well at night…
When He gives me a way to get through to that difficult student…
When He helps me drive calmly in traffic and arrive just in time…
When that conversation I was so nervous about goes so well…
…do I take the time to give Him thanks?

Sometimes I brush off His help as coincidence or give credit my own skill or simply wonder if that was really Him that helped…and it hit me hard, when I realized how small my faith is to even think to give credit elsewhere. Yet I’ve done it over and over.

In the narrow-mindedness of our humanity, it can seem simple or silly to give Him credit for those little things...for the safe trips and the words to say and the rain stopping and the good night’s sleep and the traffic clearing.

And yet His hand is in it all…
Because He cares.
Because He listens.
Because He powerful.
Because He loves us.

And my faith is so small when I fail to give Him credit.
And when given the choice why not choose faith and thankfulness?

So I’m learning to take note of the prayers I throw heavenward in desperate moments. And I’m learning to give thanks for the answers, whatever answer He sends. And I’m choosing to have faith that He does care and that His hand is in it all…however silly it seems from my earth-bound perspective.

And I’m learning to approach His throne with reverence and thanksgiving…even with the little things.

Be blessed

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