“…Do not be afraid, Zechariah, for your prayer has been heard…”Luke 1:13

Ahh the Christmas story. My heart settles in to hear the familiar words again. Each time it hits my heart in a new way.


“…your prayer has been heard…”

Not only had God heard Zechariah’s prayer, but God had prepared a beautiful plan for Zechariah’s son.

Its ironic almost. Zechariah had probably long since stopped praying for a child since they were both “advanced in years.” (Luke 1:7) But God still heard and was still preparing His answer.

God, who had been silent so long, was writing a story.
God, who had seemingly ignored Zechariah and Elizabeth’s prayers for children, was working His beautiful plan the whole time.

How many thousands of times must Zechariah have prayed that prayer?
How many moments had his heart spent doubting God?
How often did he despair that God was listening?

And yet, God had a plan. A glorious plan. A plan, and answer, that had been in place all along. Zechariah just couldn’t see it right away.

How often do I doubt God?
How often do I despair of answered prayer?
How often do I think God has not heard?

But He has heard; He has a plan. A far better plan!

O Lord, teach me to wait for Your better plan. And when You reveal that plan, teach me to submit to it with joy!

Be blessed

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