…I’ve been having too much fun!

But here are all my Instagrams since the last time I “photo-dumped” on you all!
(There’s some good ones…I think. 😉

The Photographers at a dear friend’s wedding. I got to come along for pictures to carry her train and do other “helpful” things.
The AMAZING bride and groom!
Lakefair Fireworks were STUNNING! They even had some that fell into the lake and then shot back up a few seconds later, exploding after they were high enough…how cool is that?
I attempted to make popcorn in a paper bag in the microwave…lesson learned. I need to use small bags, not large ones.
…my microwave still smells like smoke. LOL!
What I AM eating!
These homemade burgers were GIANT…and sooooo good!
 What I AM eating!
Two kiwi with lunch…my tongue and lips burned SO badly!
It was totally worth it though!
What I AM eating…on SPLURGE DAY!
Mountain High Mud Pie from Red Robin…YUM
(Note: We split it 3 ways, so it still counted as my “small” amount of sugar.)
 This bug dropped out of the air in mid-flight at my work…in the staff room.
It was highly entertaining to watch peoples reactions.
It was as big around as my THUMB!
Travis was gone on a youth camping trip for 2 nights. =,(
But I had some good girl time…my friend Amy left me this note during the time she was at our apartment by herself. =)
We had an all church BBQ and Baptism on Sunday at Black Lake Bible Camp.
There are few things more encouraging than watching a baptism!
The play set a Black Lake Bible Camp that brought back good memories and made me miss my dear friend Laura in Florida…We get to see them in 6 DAYS!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek inside my life for the last week+
Be blessed! <3

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