…from the past two years.
They make me smile.
They make me laugh.
They make me excited for many more years full of little moments.
…moments with you.


Holding your wedding ring my palm…turning over and over as my hands got sweaty with the anticipation of seeing you for the first time on our wedding day.

Heading to the back corner of the sanctuary to be sure no one could see our private moment…our first kiss…through the glass doors.

Asking you to kiss me and freak out my family as they all arrived at the picture location.

Seeing you at the end of the isle waiting for me…it calmed all my nerves.

Trying to soak in every. single. word and moment of our ceremony.

The best potato salad ever…and to think I begged my mom not to include it on the wedding menu.

Running in my wedding dress…straight into your arms.

Stopping at our apartment to pick up something we’d forgotten before heading out on our honeymoon.


The road that never existed and arriving at our sweet honeymoon cottage 30+ minutes late.

Accidentally leaving a giant wad of hair on the shower wall for you to find the very first day…oops. First of many. 😉

Wandering and talking and wandering and talking some more.

Splitting a quart of ice cream on a rainy day.

Shopping for all those little home supplies that never got purchased off our wedding registry.

Sneaking kisses when our friends weren’t looking.


Snuggling on the couch for 5 minutes before rushing out of the house for Wednesday night service.

Playing board games at our kitchen table for hours on end.

Early morning Starbucks dates…talking and making “googly eyes” at each other over a delicious drinks.


Spur of the moment organizing sessions.

Packing and planning and dreaming an crying and preparing to move across the country.

Driving and talking and listening to podcasts and reading and booking hotels and mapping out our trip

Relaxing and enjoying Chicago style deep dish pizza.


Long, warm evening walks through our new city accompanied by even longer conversations.

Painting two large bookcases together in our new living room.

Laying on the beach, side-by-side, worn out by the waves.


My little hand clasped in his larger one, fingers entwined, my left-his right…like always.

All the little moments…
The past ones captured in memories and photographs.
The future ones begging to not be missed.

All the little moments from the past two years…
Looking forward to all the little moments to come…
All the little moments with you.

Happy Anniversary Love!


Be blessed

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