Hello! I have a Question for you…am a little nervous for this week (just wait til “x”), are you? Let’s see how it goes!

First Word that Pops into My Head:
Quick – Hmmm…in a hurry to get this done, Alesha? (now I’m talking to myself…uh oh)

People I Know:
Quinton – Sort of an acquaintance from my “homeschooling days” – which I guess was most of my schooling. =) LOL!

Quartz Grey – Question? Why have I not heard of this color before?

Quality time
Quality products
Quality people
Quality….ummm, maybe just quality

Dictionary Word I didn’t Know:
Quackle – to choke; to suffocate

I know it’s a bit horrible, but I think this word is hilarious! I want to use it, but at the same time I don’t, because I don’t want anyone to suffocate. Yet on the other hand, I still want to use the word! =)

Quail – I’ve never had quail. Question for those of you who have: is it good?

I shouldn’t have been nervous. It was a bit short but not bad. (I’m still convinced “x” will be a nightmare though!)
Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!

Be blessed.

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