Hello lovelies! This is week twenty-two!! And I’m Very excited even though this is Very late (well okay, a day late)!

First Word that Pops into My Head:
Very – ????

People I Know:
Victoria – Sweet youth group girl
Veronica – In youth group with me
Valerie – The former CC Oly Chuch secretary who was the sweetest
Vicki – Super sweet former youth leader
Virginia – Travis’ great aunt (I’m 90% sure that’s the relation…)

Viridian – Which, btw, is green…I guess.

Very – Saying it multiple times in a row =)
Victory – Ummm…I’m sorta competitive.
Vacation – Who doesn’t?
Vacuumed Carpet – Not actually doing it, but the result. =)

Dictionary Word I didn’t Know:
Vafrous – Sly, Cunning

Venison – Never had this
Veal – Or this…

Well, only 2 weeks left!!! I’m doing XY&Z together so you don’t have to read 3 more boring posts like last week. =)

Be blessed.

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