…I am amazed by beauty.

My husband playing guitar and singing
God’s goodness in constantly pulling me back to Him
The worshipful lyrics of the songs my husband is playing
The beauty found in the words of Isaiah
The gentle peace that can steal over my heart as I spend time thanking and praising my Maker
The soft tears that burn behind my eyes while I write…tears that I can’t quite define…tears of thanks
I know that I haven’t made the time to spend with Jesus the past few days.  And my heart has been hurting.  My heart and mind have been sorely tried with out the sustaining comfort of my Savior.
Don’t get me wrong, He has been here for me and I have called out to Him, but the intimacy was strained.  I was not at rest in Him, I could not feel His presence so keenly, and the love seemed like a paling and fading memory.  The intimacy was not strong and real.
So tonight, I finally sat down, Bible and journal in hand, and spent time with my Maker.  It is glorious and amazing how a just of few minutes of reading His word and spending time aligning my heart with His can make all the difference.
I am praising my Savior. 
I am thankful for His comfort, His joy, and His peace.
I am thankful for His Son who has given me salvation.
I am thankful for time with Him.
I am thankful fot the beauty He fills my life with…beauty that points me back to Him.
I am blessed.
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