Some say that balance is a myth, but I disagree.Balance is hard.
Balance is unclear most of the time.
But balance is real…and balance is a journey.


We think balance is a destination.
But it’s not.

We travel forward, stumbling back and forth, chasing this illusive thing called balance. We chase it back and forth, and as soon as we find it, it somehow slips away again. And we get so frustrated that we begin to think balance is just a myth made up by our own imaginations.
But balance is real.

Because balance is a journey.
If you want to achieve balance in your life, then you have to realize that you will never actually achieve it. You will never hit perfect balance and be done. You will always be journeying toward and working on and learning about balance. The moment you arrive at balance your circumstances will shift and the target will move again.

Because balance is not a destination, it’s a journey.

You will never arrive. That’s the point.
You will never be perfectly balanced. That’s the point.
You will never find balance. That’s the point.
Balance is a journey.



We journey toward balance, but just because we journey toward something doesn’t mean we will arrive or that the point is arriving.

And “this is not a problem to solve, it is a tension to balance.”
Michael Hyatt

Journeying toward balance means that you will be daily bringing your life into balance by consistently working toward balance.

Journeying toward balance doesn’t mean that life will be easy.
Journeying toward balance doesn’t meant that we’ll never mess up.
Journeying toward balances doesn’t mean that life will be orderly.
Journeying toward balance doesn’t mean that we’ll be perfectly rested or completely organized.

Journeying toward balance does mean that we are choosing to pursue obedience over perfection.

Because balance is always found when we are in the center of God’s will for our lives. And balance may look crazy and balance may feel strained and balance may be messy and balance my not look tidy and finished, but that’s because balance is always in process.

And viewing balance as a journey will most definitely seem weird, because when you’re not about arriving you’re free to be content in the messy process…and that is weird.

Balance is not flawless juggling; it’s a choice to consistently seek to keep your priorities in order. Balance is a daily choice to order your priorities in obedience to God.
And that is a journey.

So I’m challenging you today and I’m challenging me…

Settle into the journey toward balance.
Realize that you will never arrive at balance.
Decide that pursuing balance is really pursuing obedience.
Enjoy the messy process of pursuing balance.


Because balance is a messy journey toward a moving target…and that’s okay.

Be blessed

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