Last week one of my favorite bloggers posted this beautiful post of thankfulness.

In her own words, Nichole shared…
“It’s really easy for me to live in the future.
To live in a dream world of how our life will be just right when. . .”

And she went on to list all the “when’s” in her life. That hit me. What are my “when’s”?
What are the things that I am holding my breath for?
That until they happen I won’t let myself enjoy life?
Why am I doing that?
Then it hit me…these are our best days.
Amen and amen, sister!
I read this post right when I needed it, just when I needed a perspective shift.
So to join her in celebrating God’s infinite goodness I am…
Celebrating God working in mysterious ways to get my hubby a job.
Excitedly pursuing (not one) TWO different ways for me to be self employed!

Planning all the fun things we will do with our new little apartment.

Enjoying the sunshine

Digging my toes into soft, warm sand and marveling that I get to LIVE HERE!

Reveling in the simple pleasure of a Starbucks latte.
Thanking God for the most wonderful and caring husband any girl could ask for.

Be blessed…I sure am.

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