Merry Christmas friends!

It has been a year and oh my! Compared to our past few years, this one felt refreshingly uneventful in the “major-life-change” category.

We have now celebrated every family members birthday in our new home at least once, have celebrated two thanksgivings and one of every other major holiday here. We are so grateful to be here and I think my body is finally beginning feeling settled in a new and more permanent way after years of moving and living with family.

God has been very gracious to us and I want to do a quick recap of our year.


We started our year with my brother’s wedding and some wonderful time with my siblings and extended family who came in for the wedding, including my cousin (pictured above). James and Peter also started swim lessons and after three weeks, James turned into a fish! He is a confident and competent swimmer now.


February was a sweet month of homeschool (James second grade, Peter Kindergarten, and Annie…being cute), swim lessons, children’s museum visits and normal church and life activities. We even got some snow which the kids loved!


March brought slightly better weather and allowed us to get out of the house a bit more! Annie really started attempting to chase her brothers down and keep up with all their antics and we were still plugging away with school and swim lessons.


April brought Easter and Annie discovered the joys of Easter egg hunting! It also brought more opportunities to get outside on family walks and some playgrounds as the rain was mingled with more sun.


In May James got glasses, Annie discovered the joys of sunglasses, and Peter just had to get in on the fun by being a cutie! While James still struggles to wear his glasses, Annie is still obsessed with wearing sunglasses whenever possible. The boys also learned chess and played constantly! James even started catching on to some strategy and is already giving mommy a run for her money.


June hit hard and fast with the end of school, splash pads, park play dates, air shows, family bbqs, strawberry picking, and a camping trip to Eastern Washington with the Young Adults group that Travis leads at church. It was a full and fun month for sure!


July continued on chock full of summer activities like parks, the children’s museum, splash pads, and even a dip into spelunking (cave hiking).


August made June look chill, with us cramming in as much outside fun as possible before the school year began in September. We went camping with my (Alesha’s) parents for four nights in Eastern Washington. It was so much fun! Then less than two weeks later, we vacationed at the beach with Travis’s parents, and soaked up some fantastic Washington beach and family time. The month ended with Alesha and the kids heading to Idaho for a family reunion at the lake and all three kids being introduced or reintroduced to jet skis and tubing behind a ski boat. All the sunshine and family time were a blast! In there somewhere, we celebrated both travis and James’ birthdays too!


We started September with back to school! We are homeschooling again, and all of us are thriving with it! James started third grade with language arts as his favorite subject. Peter started first grade, and loves math, giving his brother a run for his money in this subject. Annie is learning to color, to play with play dough, and to play by herself while brothers work on their school. We ended the month finding out that we are expecting baby number 4! Annie’s face says it all for the whole family…we are thrilled!


October brought its routine fall sickness, but also a mid fall break where daddy had a week of vacation time we got to spend at home as a family! Pumpkin patches, walks and games inside were a blast. We ended the month celebrating Annie’s second birthday, which was a joy! In October we also began the process of grieving my nineteen year old cousin who lost his life in a tragic car accident.


November brought a relief from my first trimester nausea and lots of much needed time with extended family during my cousins funeral and over thanksgiving weekend. We are so thankful for God’s many blessings in our lives, the serving opportunities He has given us, and the family we have.


This month has been busy for Travis at the church, as they prepare for special Christmas services and events. The kids and I plugged away with school, our science coop with another homeschool family, and slowly decorating the house. Peter wants the house to look like a winter wonderland and unfortunately we aren’t quite there yet. I am enjoying this season of reflecting on the past year, the joys and sorrows, and on the reasonable and confident hope we have in Jesus. It truly is His peace and truth that sustains us in our everyday and gives purpose and value to our lives.

While our lives steadied and grounded this year, I found great comfort in hope in the reminder that Jesus desires to and does walk with me in the most ordinary of my day to day life. We pray that your 2024 is marked by walking with Jesus in your daily life and by His peace permeating it all.


Alesha and the Sinks Family

Comfort and Joy

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