He had two days off last week and we were thrilled. One day to do all the church stuff that needed doing and one day to spend together…just the two of us!
Marvelous plans were built in our minds for that second day. Books to read, beaches to lie on, sleeping in to be accomplished. It was wonderful, although maybe not exactly what we had planned, as always.


And that’s okay.
It has to be. I would probably wouldn’t even been on this whole adventure called church planting if God hadn’t already been teaching me to open my hands…to let go.

But don’t be deceived…I still struggle. It’s still a battle, at times moment-by-moment, to open up my tightly clenched fists and to surrender.
To surrender my plans
To surrender my dreams
To surrender my wishes


To hold the things, the dreams, the plans, the minutes in palms open heavenward, knowing that these precious moments and people and things have been given, not earned. And although I can try to hold onto them tight-fisted and stubborn hearted, that doesn’t make them anymore mine.
So why try to call them mine?
Why not lay them back at His feet in surrender and recognition of Who’s they truly are?


We woke up late, ate a delicious breakfast, ran an errand, and then bought beach chairs, causing me to feel like an official Floridian. Then the beach. Maybe the intense sun of the past two days had given way to clouds and wind, but it was all a gift anyways, so who am I to complain?
It was wonderful.


And near the end of our 3 hours of quarters slotted in the parking meter, he got a phone call from a church member who needed a ride to the grocery store.

So we packed up 20 minutes early…right as the raindrops finally started to leak from the threatening clouds.
God’s timing is ironic.


And 2 hours later he was back, with a sweet gift of fruit as thanks.
And I smiled at the little blessing.
And the fruit was sweet, but not as sweet as the fruit of holding plans with open hands and open hearts. He called and we obeyed and we blessed and He blessed us in return.
And we cuddled and played a game and ended the night as relaxed and joyous as it started.


There is always more peace when my hands are open…when my heart is open. And I’m thankful for the moments they are and the lessons taught the right way…and I’m praying I remember to keep my hands open the next time God sends an “interuption”…

Be blessed

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