“Making disciples is a sloppy thing, because it involves people.”Daniel Williams

Because so much of church planting is really about making disciples…



Church planting is…

…a messy endeavor.

…an exercise in flexibility.

…arranging schedules and rearranging schedules and rearranging more.

…doing all the things.

…and then none of the things. And sometimes you wonder why the people and the problems and the events and the meetings couldn’t spread themselves out more evenly.

…doing all the crazy and the awesome and the messy for so long that when you stop to breathe you find yourself wondering what to do with a half a day off.

…calling and texting and email and inviting and no one able to just hang out. And you wonder if you should just quit trying.

…and then you don’t even try and suddenly your schedule is so full you don’t know when you’ll have time to do the laundry and grocery shop. And you wonder if you should just take a break from people.

Church planting is messy.
Discipleship is messy.
Being with people, loving people, is messy.
Because loving people never fits into a need and tidy block on your calendar or consistently comes right after you’ve had a refreshing night of worship and prayer.

And sometimes when you feel most ready and filled to pour out there is no one available to pour into.
And sometimes when you feel most dried up and discouraged and depleted, there is no end to the list of people needing time.
And sometimes when you feel ready and full there is that one person that wants to hang out and be poured into.
And sometimes when you feel most used up and poured out the very people you’ve poured into are right there to pour back into you.

Church planting is never always, but is always mostly and usually and often and surprise!

Church planting is messy…because church planting is about making disciples. And making disciples is about investing in people.

Because this isn’t just about church planting…
its about any life
any calling
any vocation
any person who is living on mission for Jesus right where they are.

Be blessed

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