Church planting is…
…about so much more than just our church.

Church planting is intentionally focused on the area we are called to, but church planting must also have a wider focus.
…a city focus.
…a region focus.
…a state focus.
…a nation focus.
…a global focus.
…a kingdom focus.


Church planting must start and must stay focused in closely on each individual person.
Their story.
Their struggles.
Their need for Jesus.
Their gifts and calling.

But church planting can’t be only focused on the individuals filling the seats week after week.

Because just like we as individuals loose focus and purpose when become self-centered and self-focused, we as churches will lose focus and purpose and perspective when we stay focused only on our own people
and our own programs
and our own problems
and our own calling
and our own church.

We have to be all about the individual, but we also have to be about the global mission that God is on.

We have to keep individuals at the focus of our ministry but we also have to remember that this world is bigger than the individuals in our sanctuaries each Sunday.

We have to know what God has called our church to do and we must not get sidetracked by what everyone else is doing, but we must also remember that God has called us not just to our local churches but also to the ends of the earth.

When we focus too hard on the people immediately around us, we lose perspective.
We forget God is working powerfully around the globe.
We forget that God controls the hearts of rulers and leaders.
We forget that there are needs greater than our own.
We forget what other kinds of sacrifice look like.
We forget the beauty of our own calling and we forget to celebrate the beauty of what God has called others to as well.
We forget that God is powerful and is working.

We forget that God is using all different kinds of people in all different kinds of ways and weaving it all together to advance His kingdom in ways we can’t even imagine.

So what can you do to make sure that your focus and your impact isn’t just local…that it’s global as well?

That is a question for both of us.
And for right now, my answer looks like this…

Our 2-year-old church plant has supported several other church plants and an orphanage in Mexico from day one, and it has been a core belief that we need to be physically and prayerfully supporting what God is doing around the world.


In just over a month, my husband and I, along with a team of 4 other adults and 3 kids will be boarding planes for El Paso, Texas. From there, we will be traveling into Bachiniva, Mexico to work serve with The House of Blessing Orphanage and their partner church, Calvary Chapel Bachiniva.

A year ago, as we were preparing to travel to the orphanage for the first time, I wrote a post about how I was learned that it’s okay to offer an opportunity for you to share the blessing and the fruit from the work God is doing in Bachiniva, Mexico.


So will you please partner with us in prayer?
And will you consider supporting us financially?
Or will you consider sharing this post or our fundraiser page with others who may want to partner with us financially or in prayer?

We are trying to raise $1,600 to cover the flights, lodging and food costs of the trip for my husband and I, as well as the cost of supplies for the orphanage that we will be bringing. You can support us on our fundraiser page or through purchasing a handmade product I will be selling through my Instagram.

I look forward to sharing what God will do in us and through us on this trip.

Be blessed

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