…this…..these moments.
…these collections of things and people and places and conversations and actions and chores that make up our lives each day.


We can’t afford to miss that this is it.
The work we do.
The daily life we live.
The streets we drive.
The songs we sing.
The relationships we have.

The smallest of moments we live each day…
…this is church planting.

And I want to remember this.
The small times.
The seemingly insignificant times.

The days when a team of five adults and two kids can set up for church in just over an hour.

The days of hauling equipment out of a back closet.

The days of taking an empty, uninviting space and turning it into a place where people come to meet with Jesus.

The days of one tiny kids room in the back, only separated from the sanctuary by a pulling divider.

The days of folding chairs and folding tables and black curtain dividers.

The days of wiping play mats on hands and knees.

The days of ten-year-olds holding hands with three-year-olds and learning about Jesus together.

The days of events that take every person in the church to accomplish.





I want to remember the small days and the small moments and the big things Jesus did in and through all of the smallness.

I want to remember this and I want to be thankful for it now, in the midst of the smallness. I want to remember and celebrate that God is somehow working through all of the small.

I want to remember that all these small things are the big things…that they are what church planting is made up of.

Church planting is all the little things that happen in the little moments of life that we can so easily miss if we don’t take the time to notice and celebrate.

Be blessed

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