“It’s like the ebb and flow of the tide. Waves of business constantly crashing over you without a moment to rest, and then the release as the water rushes back out to sea allowing you to renew and restore your heart and soul.”– Alesha Blessed (Church Planting: Waves)


The waves are crashing hard.
The dark circles under my eyes will tell you that before you even have a chance to hear the tiredness in my voice.
But behind those dark circles and behind the sleepiness in my voice, you will see an excitement…an intensity.


And although today may be characterized by hot foot soaks, homemade chocolate pudding, iced coffee, and catching up on America’s got talent, I can’t wait for Sunday to come that will be full of lifting plastic tubs, cutting strips of paper, smiling at kids, and meeting new people at church…or hopefully, the people we connected with last night.


Last night Redemption Church was a part of another city hosted “One the Ave” event. Our booth’s theme was “We love Delray Beach!”

Midnight planning sessions
Cutting photos down to size
Blazing sun during our 4pm set up time
Sore feet in flip-flops
And as I told my husband half-way through the four hour event, “It’s a build up each time I approach a stranger. A build up of courage and nervousness, then a release of pure relief when it’s over…coupled with that stabbingly-nervous realization that I still have to do this over and over again for the next 2 hours.”


But as we gathered in a circle, 7 hours later, at 11 o’clock at night, I couldn’t help but think how worth it it all was. I genuinely care about each person we handed cards to, had a conversation with, or even just smiled at. Today, I can’t get their faces out of my mind.


And as overwhelming as it would be for over a 100 new adults plus kids to show up at once, I so badly want each and every one of them to show up on Sunday…to experience the power and presence of Jesus. It breaks my heart just to write that.
Maybe I’m just tired, but I pray those emotions don’t leave.
I want to feel for the souls of our city.
I want to cry for the lost.
I want to hurt for their pain.


So yes, I’m exhausted
And yes, the waves are crashing
And beyond me, they are crashing even harder on my husband.
But if I keep my heart in tune with the Maker of the waves, they join together in a symphony of beauty and hope and passion spurring me on to jump into the waves again and again.
I know, that even one soul makes it is so worth it.

Be blessed

{Note: Some photos credit of Pastor Daniel and his wife Laura.}

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