We heard it loud and clear at first…but were unsure.

Did we hear right?
Was this just our imaginations?
Could it have been our desires speaking?
But the call lingered in the wind. A calling from the other side of the country…it might as well have been the other side of the world.
For the first 21 years of my life, Washington State was home. The rain, the trees, the gray skies, the Pacific ocean, the hippies, the recycling, the Puget Sound, the mountains…home.
I would never choose to leave my home and start a new life in another place. I’m not the adventurous world traveler.
But it wasn’t a choice for choosing’s sake…it was following a call.
As I pondered the call, I couldn’t imagine saying no.
Even if I wasn’t sure we had heard right.
Even if the wind blew hard and the calling voice was easily lost and obscured in the distance.
Even if confusion blurred and marred the breath that whispered so clearly at the first.
Even if I wasn’t sure exactly what the voice said anymore.
We knew what we had heard. We knew for sure there was a call away. Was this it?
We prayed.
We sought counsel.
We prayed
We talked.
We prayed.
We waited.
Nothing. But there was still that lingering memory of the night that the call came. It had been so loud and sure.
Maybe He wouldn’t give any clearer confirmation.
Maybe we just had to go.
Maybe it didn’t even matter if we heard wrong…
We were obeying to the best of our knowledge. All the doors were wide open. We wanted to go. And our hearts truly desired to obey whatever God had.
So we knew, that even if we had heard wrong, we would be blessed for obeying to the best of our knowledge and ability.
A year and half later…
Six months after crossing the nation to follow that call…
Every single morning…
…the calling is still there.
The wind whispers it at every turn.
The morning light announces it each and every dawn.
photo 2
Now louder and stronger…
“Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” {Matthew 4:19}
We crossed the nation to follow the call whispered into our hearts, but the journey isn’t over. He’s still calling and guiding and directing and whispering into the wind. The calling is closer now. Everyday we can hear it…
sometimes leading across the hall…
sometimes leading to the park up the street…
sometimes leading into a coffee shop downtown…
sometimes leading to a phone number scribbled on a piece of paper…
We thought we were supposed to follow the call across the nation, but we didn’t realize that this was just the beginning. The mission is not over. The call is not done.
And everyday it will be there, whispering in the wind…
If I will just open my heart to His voice, I will hear it.
Where is your call leading you? Somewhere far or somewhere near? Into your own home or into the house next door?
Be blessed
WIWW: Sinking Sand

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