Sisters, today let me introduce you to a sweet, gentle hearted blogger that I’ve gotten to know the past year or so. You can’t read her blog without seeing how deeply and beautifully she loves God. I hope you are blessed by the words I’ve asked her to share today. So take a deep breath and let the truths of her heart ring true in yours.

I am so thankful to be sharing with you ladies here, to be part of the encouragement Alesha is doing so effectively. Its funny because the more I grow older and go through different seasons in life, the more I see how the Lord uses each of us in so many different ways. 

Our lives are often ministries themselves. 

Our struggles show how God was at work in us, how He was changing us.

I particularly love how blogging can relate to that.

Whether you are a mom who can relate well to other young moms, struggling with infertility, finding yourself in a difficult marriage, stressed out with small preschoolers, pulling all nighters to finish your college papers, a single young professional or a stay-at-home daughter…we all have so much to offer!

So many different people will understand and be encouraged there is someone else walking through the same thing.

I had a wise friend share with me these words,

‘Let your mess be your ministry.’

And a year later, I’m feeling like I finally understand what she meant.

At first it made no sense to share something that I wasn’t together about and use it to encourage others.
But slowly I have realised that when I am a mess, Christ is able to work through me.
When I surrender to Him, He is able to come out.
Sometimes it takes getting to the messy to see the grace.

The Lord has placed so many passions on my heart, areas I really would love to explore more. Things which stir something deep within my soul, stir me to action. In fact I have spent this month exploring just that in a series called 31 days of exploring the pieces. Because I feel like there are so many of these passions in my life and I can’t seem to see how they are all related, how they piece together to form a bigger picture.

How they fit into something that I can use to glorify Him. 

So these past 2 weeks, I have been writing through the mess. Exploring the confusion that these pieces have caused me, explaining why I am passionate about things….all to see how God is using them for a bigger purpose. Wrestling with them in the stillness to figure out the next course of action. Figure out which direction the Lord is leading me in.

The ministry he currently has me in is as a wife and a caregiver to 2 sweet little girls.

But there are so many more areas I hope to pursue and serve in.

I’m still in a process of growing and figuring out where I can most glorify Him.
So for now, that is what I will wholeheartedly do for Him, be the best wife & caregiver I can be.

As for what else I figure out on this journey, God knows. I don’t have any idea.
But I’m excited to see what He does & to find out.

Sisters, aren’t we all on this journey? Do these words resonate with your heart the way they do mine? Let’s breathe deeply of the freedom that He “knows” and we are simply to be obedient where He places us. Be sure to go read her series to hear more of her beautiful heart.

Be blessed

P.S. I am over on her blog today sharing my heart on serving in kids ministry.

{This post is part of my 31 day series called “Breathe” that I am linking up with The Nester for this October writing project}

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