{This post is part of my 31 Day blog series Work Hard + Rest Well: Learning Obedience in the Rhythms of Work and Rest.}
The secret to rest is in your mind.
You can rest with your body and not with your mind, but you won’t leave your rest refreshed.

The secret to refreshing, life-giving rest is mentally resting.


And to mentally rest amidst the craziness of life you must trust God. You must trust that He is big enough and powerful enough and capable enough for you to let go of the million things you’re trying to balance and hold onto in your mind. You must trust that He is enough, that you don’t need to work harder in order to get anything else or anyone else’s approval.

And to mentally rest amidst the craziness of life you must be thankful. Because you can’t rest your mind and at the same time be wishing for more or better. Because you can’t enjoy your life and your rest and at the same time be comparing it to someone else’s life and rest.

Because true rest must always be accompanied by trust and thanksgiving.

So…either in your season of rest or your season of work, take a moment to refocus your mind so that you can truly rest.

Let go.
Let God be God.
Rest in Him and rest in the rest He has given.

Rest your mind and let your body and soul follow.
Because resting in your season of rest looks pretty similar to resting in your season of work…it’s starts with intentionally resting your mind.

Think on one thought. Turn it over slow. Rejoice in it’s beauty.
Or let your mind wander slow. Don’t try to stop it or reign it in. Just let it go. Enjoy the wandering process.
Or think about nothing except how your body feels sitting in space in this moment. The cool breeze the sound and sights and people surrounding you. The way your hands feel in the soapy dishwater or the way your feet pound the ground or the way you can feel your muscles relaxing as you simply lay still…

Then rejoice.
Give thanks for this beautiful and mysterious life we’ve been given. Give thanks for the things surrounding you. Praise the Creator for His gift of rest and joy.

Because rest will always and only be found in trust and thanksgiving.

Be blessed

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