{This post is part of my 31 Day blog series Work Hard + Rest Well: Learning Obedience in the Rhythms of Work and Rest.}
“No one has consistently strong will power. Rather, they have focused short bursts of will power and self discipline.”
Kat Lee

Maybe I’ve said it before, but I tend toward an all-or-nothing mentality.
I want to work hard all day or rest all day.
I want to be the very best or not try at all.
I want to finish the whole project this morning or not even start.
I want to check everything off my todo list today or burn the list and wing it.


But life rarely works in all-or-nothings.

I am not always disciplined or always organized or always hard working.
And that’s okay.

It’s okay to struggle with low motivation or will power.
It’s okay to have days when your body says, “Just let the work go…rest”.
And it’s okay to have to work hard when you just don’t feel it.

The challenge is to use the times where your will power is strong to plan for the times when your will power is weak.
We have to plan for success. We have to plan to focus.

That may look like not waiting until I go to bed early enough to start getting up early, but to just start getting up early so I’ll be so tired I’ll make sure I get to bed early.

That may look like putting all my social media apps in folder on my phone and not touching them till I’m out of bed, showered, and have spent time in God’s Word.

That may look like planning my meals for the week on Monday morning when my motivation to eat healthy and cook good foods is still high.

That may look like planning to write right after I finish my time in God’s Word when my perspective is set firmly on Jesus, before the care of the day have time to dilute my heart and message.

And for you that may look like a million other things…the point is, it will look like a lot of little things.

Because working hard will come in bursts and fits and only occasionally a long stream of focus and intentionality.
Because working hard will look like planning to work hard and planning to redirect your focus and intention.
Because working hard will feel like we’re fighting a battle in our minds to stay the course and follow through.

And that’s okay.

Be blessed

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