{This post is part of my 31 Day blog series Work Hard + Rest Well: Learning Obedience in the Rhythms of Work and Rest.}
If you’ve read even a handful of this month’s posts you’ve seen the word “intentional” showing up over and over again.

Intentional Work
Intentional Rest

Intentional – done on purpose; deliberate


I don’t want to live my life randomly.
I don’t want to let life happen to me.
I don’t want to simply react.

I want to live intentionally.
I know that I can’t control what will happen to me or those I love. But I can work to know and love and become more like Jesus, so when life happens to me, I will have a firm foundation.

I want to live intentionally.
I don’t want all the little moments of life, the day in and day out moments, to simply pass me by. Because life is made up of the the little moments, and if I miss the those moments, I’ll miss out on my life.

I want to live intentionally.
I can’t live in the past or in the future and expect to be content. And I’ve wasted too many days on discontent and dissatisfaction already.

I want to live intentionally.
I won’t be prepared for everything that will happen in my life. And when those times come, I don’t want to simply react. I want to stop and think before I respond, because intentionally living is slow and thoughtful.

And to live intentionally, I must have a goal that I’m being intentional towards.

The goal for me is Jesus.

I’m living from Him and for Him and toward Him.
I’m living from His strength.
I’m living for His glory.
I’m living toward eternity with Him.

And intentional living starts with intentionally pursuing Jesus and transfers over into every area of life…including, especially our work and rest.

Be blessed

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