{This post is part of my 31 Day blog series Work Hard + Rest Well: Learning Obedience in the Rhythms of Work and Rest.}
It’s been 31 days and the thing I want to leave you with is not just a renewed desire for intentionality and obedience, but also a perspective of hope and grace.


A miss at the beginning doesn’t mean you have to give up the rest of the game.

A failure to start your day with resting in Jesus doesn’t mean you have to end your day without resting in Him at all.

A lazy start to a busy day, doesn’t have to mean that you’re stressed and rushed and overwhelmed the remainder of the day.

A week that starts of slow and unproductive doesn’t have to end that way.

A long weekend that starts off guilty or non-restful for any number of reasons doesn’t have to finish that way.

A month of writing that starts off desperate and broken and seems to just get worse as you write doesn’t have to end that way.

We’ll never be perfect.
And although the goal of our salvation is ultimately our perfection, we can rest knowing that our perfection was already accomplished for us on the cross. In light of that truth, let’s learn to live like we’ve been changed.
Let’s grow in work and rest.
Let’s grow in intentionality.
Let’s grow in grace.
And as we seek to grow, let’s look to Jesus knowing that it is ultimately His strength that accomplishes this in us.

I’ve failed.
I will fail.
You will fail.
But there is grace for failures like us…
Not grace so that we can give up, but grace to drive us on toward Jesus.
Not grace so we can stay down, but grace to stand back up again.
Not grace to make us guilty, but grace to free us from guilt and shame.
Not grace to keep us from changing, but grace to grow and change us.

There is grace to finish well no matter how you started.

Be blessed

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