Yesterday morning, our pastor gave a sermon titled “Why He Came” for Christmas.  The first point in that sermon was – “He came to simply be with us.”  His very name (Emmanuel) means God with us (Matthew 1:23).  Think about it.  God left heaven and became a human to simply be with us!  Wow!

Then I started thinking.  Not only did Jesus give up heaven and His power to come be with us on earth for a short 30+ years, but He came so that it would be POSSIBLE for us to be with Him every day of our lives through the Holy Spirit living in us!  Without Him coming to earth the Holy Spirit would not be able to have the spirit alive and at work within us. (John 14:25-26, 16:6-13, 20:22: Acts 1:8, 2:38)

Finally, Jesus came to make it possible for us to be with Him for ETERNITY in heaven! (John 14:2; Luke 23:43)  So Jesus gave up heaven, came to earth as a human, died a horrible death, and rose again to be with us for a brief time on earth, daily through the Holy Spirit, and for all eternity in heaven.  That is truly something to celebrate this Christmas!

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