I truly struggle to see tasks through to the end.Bouncing from one thing, to the next thing, to the next, and then back to the first again seems to be my primary mode of operation. I used to think it meant I was good at multitasking….until I met my husband, who can truly hold multiple things in his mind and projects going, keeping them all moving forward at the same time.

I intend to do good…to complete a task…to buy that gift…to clean the bathroom. But just about the time I get halfway done, something else pops up to steal my attention just long enough so that nothing ever gets finished…and occasionally never even started.

I can plan my life away, but if I never walk through the process, those plans mean nothing.

Like these Valentine’s cards…


I did it wrong at Christmas.
I made cards for all my clients.
Then I almost didn’t write them…it got put off far to long…there were other important things to start.
Then they got left at home.
Then I finally put them in the intended recipients hands over a month after I started them…weeks after Christmas.

And maybe I followed through in the end, but each step of the way was delayed and put off and just barely squeezed out of me, leaving a simple act of love feeling like a marathon run.

Sometimes you have to just sit yourself down and not move till something is finished.

Sometimes you have to slap your own hand each time you find yourself reaching for your phone to text that person or check Instagram or look up that thing on Amazon.

Sometimes you have to ditch the plan and just sit yourself down to write the Valentine’s day cards…now.

Sometimes you have to finish folding the dirty laundry and ignore the dust on the dresser because you started a task and no matter how much dust is begging you to be wiped away finishing the laundry is more important than starting the dusting.

Finishing is more important that starting.
Because planing and starting without finishing isn’t doing…it’s procrastination in the middle.

I can start 100 things during the day and not finish a single one and end my day frazzled and worn out and wondering what in the world I actually did during the past 16 hours…or I can do 5 things completely.

Maybe this isn’t your season. Maybe this is just me right now and won’t be me my whole life. But I know that now is teaching me to finish. To start and finish in a single breath…not leaving loose ends hanging everywhere I go.

Sister, is this your season? How are you learning to finish? To not leave loose ends and half completed projects?

Be blessed

Happy V-Day
Whole and Holy

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