Some of us are afraid of so much.And others fear so little.
But there comes a day, perhaps many days, for each of us, when we face one of those fears. Maybe fully or maybe partially.

And you’re suddenly living that moment you thought you’d die before facing…


Have you been there?
Have you been at that moment?
That moment you knew would could and you dreaded to face?
That moment you never thought would happen to you?
That moment you refused to even consider for fear that even the thought of it would be too much to bear?
That moment that forces you to realize your worst fear may be waiting just around the corner and all the signs say it is?

I have.
I have faced those moments and I have learned…
God can be trusted.

And it sounds cliche and it sounds trite in the moment, but it’s what you need to hear…it’s what I needed to hear.

And I’ve wanted to scream my questions…the “whys” and the “hows” that we all feel in those moments. And I’ve asked them and cried them and felt all the emotions…but in the midst, my soul felt the tug to dig deep.

So I sat with my bible and dug into God’s Word, begging Him for comfort, for truth, for perspective. And He gave it.

He didn’t solve my problems or change my circumstances or do a miracle. Instead He lead me into my fear. He helped me walk down the path of “what if” and at the end, at the deepest point of my fear, He showed me that He would still be there and that He would be enough for me.

Because no matter how bad or hard or painful or scary life gets, He will still be there. And in the light of eternity what else truly matters?

And two years ago I would have said, “Yes, I know. But that doesn’t really help.”

And today I would respond to myself and say, “You’re wrong. It really does help. It makes all the difference. In the light of the truth of the gospel, in light of the truth of God’s radical love, you can find the peace that passes understanding. You need nothing else. In the light of His love you find the peace and strength to face anything that comes at you. Take the time to press into it till you see it and believe it.”

Because His love and His presence and His faithfulness really do make all the difference. But I only found that to be true when I took the step of faith to try and believe those truths in the valley…to try and let those truths be my comfort.

Because He’ll never force you into belief or trust or rest in Him.
Like so much of the rest of our lives it takes a step of faith…
The faith to say that even though you don’t see it or feel yet you believe that He is enough and that He can bring peace in the storm.
The faith to preach the truth of who He is to yourself until you truly believe it.
The faith to lean wholly on Him.
The faith to let Him be enough.

It won’t be easy…
But if you take that step of faith you’ll find that God can be trusted.

Be blessed

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