I work at a pool.
I am a lifeguard.
I teach swimming lessons.
I teach water aerobics classes.
I (occasionally) bond with a certain patron, child, or family.

There is one godly christian couple that I have had the privilege to know through my work. I taught their son swim lessons several times and their daughter once or twice.

I had not seen then in quite awhile, until today. They came in for free swim and I got to talk to both parents a bit.

But why am I writing about this?

Well, something from the very beginning of our conversation stuck out to. The father walked up, said hi, and asked how I was. I replied that I was good and asked him how he was…his answer struck me.
“Better than I deserve. Blessed beyond measure. God is good, all the time.”

I wish I had that attitude more…

HE IS GOOD! I should rejoice in that fact daily!
I notice that as I spend more time in God’s Word, in singing worship songs, and in prayer the more my heart is inclined to see God’s goodness even in the darkest circumstances. I found my self singing this song as he walked away a minute later. Old…but so true!

Join me as I seek to rejoice in His goodness day-by-day, minute-by-minute.

Be blessed.

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