We all have hard days.
But during some seasons the hard days line up one after another marching through the calendar like a row of stern-faced soldiers. And sometimes you’ll arrive at the end of a week or a month or a year and realize that you’ve become as numb and lifeless as the days lined up on your calendar in harsh back ink.

I’ve found myself there several times: sometimes after days, sometimes after weeks, and sometimes after months.



There is little that is more discouraging to me then looking deep inside myself and realizing that I’ve grown cold and lifeless on the inside…that I’m just surviving each minute for the sake of staying alive.

When hope has faded and life seems to have lost it’s purpose…
When my heart feels cold and dead and hard…
When I look at my spirit and find numbness where there should be joy…
…those are the times when I need a perspective reset.

Because yes, life is hard and the season I’m in at that moment may be brutal, but we serve a God who can bring joy in the midst of pain and peace in the midst of chaos. So whenever I look deep into my own soul and realize that I’m seeing more bitterness and numbness and fear than joy and peace, I know that I need a perspective reset.

I’ve learned over the years that the best place for me to turn in those times is the Psalms. When I open that book of prayers and songs and meditations before God, It’s like water to my thirsty soul, like an electric shock to my heart that’s gotten off rhythm.

Over and over, I’ve turned to the Psalms for comfort, encouragement and perspective. And over and over, God has restored my soul as I’ve read and soaked my heart in His Word. But it wasn’t always that way…





I used to be so confused by the Psalms. They seemed either too idealistic or completely sinful or simply confusing. Yet as I’ve grown in my understanding of God’s Word and I’ve sought wise teaching on the Psalms, God has used this book to comfort, challenge, and encourage my heart over and over.

But maybe you need a perspective reset. And maybe, like me, you don’t understand the Psalms, or you don’t even know where to start.

That is why I decided to share my perspective reset with you.

I’ve written a 28-day Perspective Reset Devotional based on some of my favorite Psalms. Each day will have a short reading from the Psalms, followed by a short devotional and action point.

The reading itself is brief, so you can complete it in 10 minutes on a busy day. But the action points and verse for meditation are designed so that you can settle in, if you have more time, to really dig deep into your heart and allow the Word to shift and reset your heart’s perspective.

The devotional is being released on August 11th, and is completely free when you sign up for my email newsletter. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you with email more than once or twice a month, and my goal with that newsletter is to pull back the curtain a bit more so you can see inside my life and I can pour encouragement into your soul.

I pray it encourages, challenges, and refreshes you.

Be blessed

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