It’s been a month or so now, but I heard Him speak so clearly that worship night. “Train your ears to hear My voice.”
Photo Credit: Natalia Snelling

We were all in a circle in the Pastor’s living room, worshiping and praying.
I felt dry and confused about some of the details of life, and there was a little spot on the doormat where I could kneel down and not really be seen.
So I knelt.
I prayed.
Tears filled my eyes.
I pressed in hard.
I tried to quiet my mind and be still before Him.
The question burned hard in my mind, but the harder I prayed the less I wanted an answer and the more I just wanted Him.

And that’s when He spoke.

God’s words weren’t answers to the questions I’d come to that worship night with, but His words brought deep comfort. I might not have heard which direction for us to take, but I was refocused on Him, and that was all that mattered.

“Train your ears to hear My voice.”

In the weeks that have followed, I’ve come back to those words for comfort and direction again and again. But a new emotion has crept in: confusion.

The how is so hard sometimes.
And in the wondering and the confusion, I keep coming back to this.

How will I know His voice if I don’t seek Him? So I pray.
How will I know His voice if I don’t know His heart? So I read His Word.

And yesterday I was challenged with a new question:
“How will we learn His voice if we don’t step out in faith…and sometimes fail?”

So I’m praying for His power to do these three things:
1. Seek Him in prayer, asking for His help in learning to hear Him.
2. Learning to know His heart through studying His Word.
3. Stepping out in faith when I think I hear His voice.

For me, the prayer and studying God’s Word are easier because they are habits I’ve spent time developing. But the stepping out is hard. Yes I’ve taken steps of faith, and yes I’ve obeyed God’s voice at times, but not always. And I still get scared and intimidated.

“Because faith isn’t faith unless it’s faith.”
And faith will always be scary, because it’s faith.
Because I don’t know.
Because, what if I’m wrong?

But what if I am wrong? I will still have a loving heavenly Father who is pleased to see His daughter stepping out in faith, even if she stepped wrongly. And I know that each failure with teach me as much as each success.

And with each step and misstep I’ll learn what is His voice and what is not.

Let’s seek to learn His voice better, to be more in tune with His heart, and to have our ears ever attentive to His voice. Which of these three do you need to grow in?

Be blessed

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