A few weeks ago the pastor’s wife started a women’s bible study for Redemption Church. We are going through the book of James and God is speaking.

Doing…that’s a tough word for me.
I am a perfectionist, an A-type personality, a proud personality, a legalist… God has broken me over and over again on the issue of legalism. It is God alone who judges and not me.
Thus, the thought of “doing” is one that scares me. How do I “do” without becoming proud and self-righteous?
Yet read these verse again. There is no room for question. If I am not acting on what I believe, then do I really believe it?
Over and over again, I go to God’s Word and am convicted. God is speaking to me and I hear, then I walk away…and I forget. I don’t take time to let God’s Word settle into my heart.
This is something that God has been slowly, but steadily pushing and pushing into my life over the past several months. Sometimes He whispers, sometimes He nudges, and sometimes He shouts into my heart, “Slow down. Let this penetrate your heart. Open up to Me. Soften up. Listen.”
Everyday is the same battle. A battle in my deepest heart. Will I take the time to open up and be vulnerable to a King who loves me unconditionally and only has my best at heart, or to look in the mirror of His perfect law and then to walk away.
One option is easy.
One option will never leave me the same.
I am praying that God will continue to pushing this on my heart and that I will learn to let His Word  truly “sink in” and change me. That I will let His Word penetrate me and make me a doer, not a hearer only.
Do you have a hard time slowing down enough to let God’s Word really sink into your heart? Do you, like me, struggle with letting God’s Word change your life and lead you into action?
Be blessed.
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