There are some moments when you can almost feel the heartbeat of a writer through the words they share. From pretty early on, Jessi was one of those women…a woman I can feel the solid, realness of her through her words. Her love for Jesus and understanding of Him pours through the computer screen.
A few weeks ago she wrote what she had learned about reading the Bible that changed everything for her. And I felt my heart beat in rhythm with her words.
Yes. Yes. Yes.


I think it was my husband who suggested it, although I don’t think we were married at the time. The suggestion was just two simple questions to approach the Bible with…and my walk with God has never been the same.


The second question I’d heard and asked myself a over and over, but so often I’d leave God’s Word feeling more confused that filled. More discouraged than joyful. So while the second question is important, it’s the first question that brings everything into startling clarity.

1. What does this text tell me about God?
2. What does that knowledge of God mean to me or for my life?

Because it never, ever was about me to start with.


The Bible, start to finish, is about God. Every story, every song, every piece of wisdom written is intended to teach us about God…to teach us who He is.

His character
His actions
His reactions
His heart

And when you approach the text of the Bible asking what you can learn about God’s character and heart, it all makes sense. Suddenly you understand how a book written thousands of years ago can be so alive today…because the God that book is all about is still alive.

The Bible is the story of God, so when we read it expecting it to be about us, it is an automatic misinterpretation. It is about God, but it is the story of a God Who made us, Who loves us, Who wants to be known by us, and Who is working in and through us today.
So when you read the Bible to know the Unchanging God, you will be changed…

Because when you see the heart of God, you’re left in awe.
Because when you see how God interacts with people, you’re left reassured.
Because when you see the attributes of God, you’re left humbled.
Because when you see what God values, you’re left challenged.
Because when you see the kindness of God, you’re left thankful.
Because when you understand who God is, you begin to understand how He is relevant to you.

John Piper wrote, “To know the glories of Christ is an end, not a means.”

And reading the Bible to know God is the goal of reading the Bible. Yes, you will be changed and comforted and convicted and counseled by God’s Word, but that is a byproduct of the goal, not the goal itself.

The goal is knowing God.

Be blessed

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