{Part 1 – Apartment Edition}

How blessed we were with adorable, two bedroom, mostly quiet first apartment.

The amazing decor we had in our living room
for almost no work and very little cost.

How I almost never remembered to put the ironing board away in the back bedroom.

The entry way mirror that I wanted so badly and that my wonderful father hung for me!

The awesomely huge-for-an-apartment kitchen I had.

Our adorable little coffee corner on our kitchen counter.

The “sign and message board wall” that my wonderful mother helped me to layout.

My favorite little red teapot that I wanted soooo bad! (Btw…it is totally on my take-to-Florida list)

How messy our fridge door ended up being even though we planned to keep it clear.

The BEAUTIFUL kitchen table from my grandparents.

My nearly constant crafting mess on the floor by the table. =)

How our scale didn’t fit in either of the bathroom, so it sat on the floor of our dining area…and almost every friend we had over weighed themselves on it at one time or another! =)

Our lovely view out the back window.

How we would see deer laying in the grass out back on cool foggy mornings.

How I got my “pink bathroom”. #

The phenomenal number of blankets I got as wedding and bridal shower gifts.

The INSANE amount of cleaning products we got as wedding gifts! #

How our water turned our towels blue…

How I never succeeded in getting our bathroom counter clear and organized.

How the bathroom cupboard got stuck if you opened it with the toilet seat down…

I don’t want to forget our first year and three months of marriage and the little place that we made our first home…

Be blessed.
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