Dear Readers,
Allow me to share my heart with you today.

Since we’ve arrived here in Florida, I have not shared much of what we have been doing. So that is going to change.

Praise the Lord, my husband got a job at a Starbuck literally ONE BLOCK from our new apartment!
{Yes, our beautiful, little, second-story apartment! I love it!}
I took this photo walking home from his work…in the sun…in late October!

We are finally settling in, searching thrift stores for more furniture, and starting to develop some good normalcy in life, for which I am so thankful!

And I finally got a chance to recreate a piece of furniture.
{Post coming soon!}
I’m loving this piece in our bedroom right now.
Our apartment is blessing from God. Honestly, it was the only one we looked at. An upstairs apartment 1 block from downtown and about 8 blocks from the beach…seriously? And the number one selling point? The price. God is so good!
The only downside to our dreamy little place…is the teensy, tiny kitchen. And I LOVE to cook. It took me about a week to get over my fear of baking in such a tiny space. But I finally pulled out my Kitchen Aid mixer and have been in cooking heaven.
And yes, it has to sit on a bar stool. Haha!
The results have been scrumptious!

My work…well, no luck yet in terms of finding a “real” job. But God has provided for me to start tutoring. So far I have 2 students! =) I really, really love working with my students and helping them to learn, grow, and succeed. God is good.

Additionally I am working on launching my Etsy Shop on November 1st!
{I’m down to less than a week…yikes!}
So in my long hours at home, I have been crocheting and designing like crazy. Stay tuned to see more!

However, as life forms some version of a “new normal”, the loneliness and homesickness has started to set in.

Today, I video chatted with my sister so that I could watch my other sister’s districts cross country race! I am constantly amazed at how modern technology allows me to be present for important moments like this from literally the other side of the country!

She ran so hard and so well. I was so proud! My little sophomore sister took 4th! She came back from a bad sprain just 3 months ago, and is looking to be a strong contender at State again this year!

And yet when it was all over, I could only cry. I was so proud of her, and yet all I wanted was to be there to hug her and tell her how much I love her. But right now she is over 3,000 miles away…
However, everytime I get very homesick, I look at this…

Another one of my sisters is visiting me over her Christmas break! I think my heart starts pumping faster every time I think about it. I truly am SO excited!

We are going to soak in as much of this…

And this…

…As we possibly can! And we’re taking a heavily discounted cruise to the Bahamas! =) I couldn’t be more excited!
To be totally honest with you all – places can replace people, but every time I go down to the beach, it makes me a bit less homesick.
Some days this past week, I’ve almost been able to trick myself into thinking I’m back in Washington. Hurricane Sandy brought us two days of of gray skies, rain, and wind, all very familiar to me in the realm of weather. However, we’re back to sun and blue skies, minus the humidity and plus a bunch of wind. The effects of Hurricane Sandy, although very minimal, are still seen everywhere here. The main effects are the wind, lack of humidity, mild flooding, and crazy waves at the beach.
I am definitely praying for everyone who is going to have to evacuate or already has. My heart goes out to them all!
Yet in spite of all the loneliness and homesickness, God is good. I am thoroughly enjoying every moment I have with my husband down here…and there are many of them. He is so supportive and loving. When I first started dating him, I knew that if it continued on to marriage, my life would never be the same. And it’s not! =)

My husband has been playing music every Wednesday night at a local coffee shop that has an open mic. He’s been doing so well and I love hearing him practice so much.

And the church? Thursday nights are a wonderful and encouraging time to serve and to be refreshed in God’s Word. Although it is small, I believe that faithfulness in these moments is so important. So we are praying, praying, praying for our city, and trying our best to build relationships and to be faithful with what God has given us for now.

So it’s been a lengthy and up and down update. In the end, all I have to say is…
For I know that my Redeemer lives,
and at the last he will stand upon the earth.
yet in my flesh I shall see God,
and my eyes shall behold, and not another.
Job 19:25-26

God is good. My purpose here in Delray Beach is to bring glory to Him, but then again, that is my mission in life no matter where I live.
God is good.

Be blessed

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