If we were having a coffee date today…
I would tell you that growing up is weird.  We have so many weddings and graduation parties to go to! I feel old…but I still feel young…
I think society has created this impression that high school is the ideal age of youthfulness, fun and beauty…so we get past high school and we still feel like we’re there because we still feel young and beautiful and full of life…
IDK…maybe its just me.
I would tell you to check out this awesome life sized jenga that I instagramed this week (at a grad party – where else?) 
And I’d tell you about the fun scavenger hunt we did at that same grad party…well after it! We would have won except that the first team back gets 5 points…we got back second, but still on time. Sad day. =(
Also, we would have won if we had gone downtown. it was a blast…look at the loot!
I would also tell you that I have been experimenting with embellishing flip flops using yarn and my crochet hook. Weird, huh? I LOVE IT! Creating new crochet patterns and designs rejuvenates me.
I would have never imagined that I would say that…that I am CREATING DESIGNS and PATTERNS! Doesn’t that feel so weird and important? It’s really not. LOL! But I love it all hte same.

I would also tell you that I am super excited to be doing this giveaway on my blog. And that I’m a teeny bit disappointed that we only have 3 people who’ve entered so far, but that’s okay because there are still 3 days left to enter. I really hope that whoever wins likes their flip flops! I am still working on making myself a pair though! LOL!

I would tell you fun it was to see my sister this week. We had some good conversations and got to know her boyfriend a little more. I’m going to miss her as she is officially living in Seattle this summer. 

Then I would get more serious and tell you what a huge blessing following along with #SheReadsTruth community has been. I would tell you that I want to be more involved with it and am trying to figure out how…and if I have time. I would tell you that God has been teaching me about the importance of His Word. And has been revealing some strongholds that Satan has been in my life.

I would tell you that last night at the Young Adults Group at our church the sermon was about strongholds. “A stronghold is a lie the enemy tells you that you believe.” I’m praying that God will help me to break free from the strongholds of fear and insecurity in my life.


And then I would as about YOU. How are YOU doing? Tell me about YOUR life. And most of all, I would ask how I can pray for you…

So email me or comment below. Tell me about YOU. Tell me how I can PRAY.
Be blessed.
P.S. Don’t for get to enter the GIVEAWAY!
I’m linking up here for my instagrams…
life rearranged

And here for my coffee date. <3

Alphabe Week 5: EEE
Giveaway Debut!!!!

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