Two weeks worth of Instagrams are getting dumped on you all today (or should I start saying “ya’ll” since I’m going to be a Southern girl here soon? Or will I be considered and East Coast girl? Do they say y’all in Florida? …I have so much to learn…)
Aaaanywhoooo, I hope you enjoy this massive photo dump. Even though it’s been busy and stressful, it’s been really fun as well.

My grandma Bop (Bobbi) an Doc came down to visit on a Sunday afternoon. We wandered the farmer’s market and the Olympia Pier with them and my family in the gorgeous sunshine! It is so true, that there is NO place on earth more beautiful that the Northwest on a sunny day.

At the farmers market we discovered a “lost-and-found tree”, which was primarily covered in binkies! =P

What is a splurge day?
Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappachino with Caramel Sauce

Happy birthday (last week) to my awesome, actress sister Abigail. She hit the bit 18!

I got a super special lunch date with my hubby to celebrate our two year engagement anniversary! <3 And to just spend time together...
We ate at Anthony’s Homeport restaurant. I had some of the best clam chowder ever. And since it was sunny, we got to sit on the patio looking out over the port. …sigh… <3 <3

And we visited the place where Travis proposed at Captial Lake. <3

And I hit a curb and got a flat tire! And my awesome hubby put on the spare, drive it to the shop and it got replaced for less than $100…sigh of relief!

And the packing began…scary!

My aunt, uncle, and 4 cousins and family friends and their four kids just finished riding their bikes across the USA! Yes…all twelve of them ranging from age 8 (!!!) to age…ummmm 30+. =) Virginia Beach, Virginia to Whidbey Island, Washington
We surprised them on the side of the freeway on their last day of riding! It was so good to see them and cheer them on.

Their tandem bikes…6 of them!!! With all their gear hauled on the back.

The amazing gardens at my Great Aunt and Uncle’s beach cabin in Marysville. Family reunion time. =)

More. Packing. More. Mess. More. Packing.

Happy birthday to my hubby! 21! Woot! <3 <3

Can you guess what this picture is of?

Leftovers of the BEST white shrimp pasta I have ever made…EVER. FOR REALZ

Once again…happy birthday with pumpkin pie. =)
(His favorite)

Goodbye to my trusty favorite pair of flip flops.
Dear flip flops,
I love you…please don’t take it personally. You have served me well, but it just wasn’t worth the space to take you the 3000+ miles to Florida.

Sad, sad day…. I love these girls. <3

Movie with an awesome friend. Go Jeremy Renner. =P lol.

Lunch with my mom, grandma, and aunt! <3 (the bike riding aunt – see above -)

Empty cupboards…we moved out of our apartment an into my inlaws house for four nights.




My last two weeks…instafied! =P
Haha! I just made up a new word. =)
Be blessed!

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