I’m not a feminist in the historical sense.But I’m not anti-women.

I love being taken care of by my husband.
And I love taking care of him.




I love being weaker and needing his help.
And I love being strong to hold him up when he is discouraged.

But sometimes, I see this streak of independence and child-like insolence rise up in my heart.

When my husband asks if he can help me organize my email inbox.
When my husband decided to not tell the the details of an issue going on in the life of a church member.
When my husband tries to encourage me to be more efficient in my housecleaning methods.

All of these things he is doing to protect me…to help me.
He’s better at organizing tasks and structuring time.
He’s invested hours learning to simplify his life and to increase efficiency.
He’s well aware of things that are difficult for me to deal with and carefully weighs what is good to tell me and what will harm me.

But I fell my heart flaring with angry, ready to defend my rights.
My mind screams, “Who is he to tell me how to organize my life? I can handle it myself!”

And I feel justified, because everything I see is telling me that this is how to react…to be strong and independent.

But God’s Word tells me that I am weak in my flesh.
His Word tells me to be humble…before Him and before my husband.

Because if I can’t be humble before the husband I’ve chosen to share life with, then how can I be humble before the Almighty God who made me from dust?

Because I’m not perfect.
Because God has gifted my husband in areas He has not gifted me and to deny my husband the ability to speak into my life in those areas is just hurting me also.

And when did we as women start to equate strength with independence?
When did we decide that we should never seek our husband’s help and correction?

And when did we as Christian women decided that spiritual matters are the only place our husbands should be teaching and leading us? Since when have we been masters of the practical?

Because the moments where I take a stand and assert my independence have never once brought us closer.

Because in those moments what I’m really asserting is pride, not independence.

So sisters, I’m repenting of my prideful assertions of independence and learning to be humble. Will you join me?

Where have you seen pride wrongfully assert itself under the guise of independence in your life?

Be blessed

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