“Faith has a waiting period.”Pastor Daniel Williams


So we’ve stepped out big and stepped out small and stepped out over and over, but it seems like we’re still just waiting.
There is more to do.
There is another dream in our heart.
There is more vision and and calling from God.
There is promised fruit that is still to come.

And I step out strong for awhile, but the waiting gets hard and long and I wonder if God ever even noticed my step of faith. So I take another hoping that one will get His attention and all the while He’s watching, He’s holding my hand, He’s empowering my faith.

And I think He’s missed it because the fruit I’m hoping for hasn’t showed up yet, but that’s never the case. Because the truth is, without His Spirit in and on me, I could never take that step in the first place.


And the truth is that sometimes faith has a waiting period.
Maybe I’m not strong enough to handle the fruit well or maybe God can produce even more fruit if He waits a little longer or maybe I need to learn humility a little better before He blesses.
Either way, I’m waiting on Him…because it wouldn’t be fruit and it wouldn’t be faith if I could do it on my own.

And the waiting produces the faithfulness.

“Small decisions become habit, which becomes character, which is who you are.”
Pastor Daniel Williams


And if faithfulness is the most desirable of all virtues then I should be embracing the wait.
Because the truth is, there are always going to be steps of faith to take, and we’ll never reach that point of perfect completion and fulfillment of our faith until we reach eternity with Him.

So we’re not just living in the gap, living in the wait, for right now.
We will always be living in the gap. And how do you get comfortable living in a place that is outside your abilities and comfort zone?

But that must be the point.
Because living by faith is a lifestyle not a life phase.
And if living by faith was comfortable and easy and safe then it wouldn’t be faith.

Be blessed

P.S. These quote were from my church’s current sermon series on the life of Elisha: Living by Faith. You can listen to the sermons on iTunes or the Redemption Church website.

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